Specific order of the Basics:

  1. Sidemount
  2. Mount / Backmount
  3. Guard
  4. Halfguard / Knee on Stomach
  5. Bench/ North South
  6. Clinch / Takedown
  7. Vale Tudo 1 (Standup,SM, KoS)
  8. Vale Tudo 2 (Mou, Gua, Ban)

Basics dates (DD/MM/YY) 2010

07.11.09 - Nr 5
12.12.09 - Nr 6
02.01.10 - Nr 7
06.02.10 - Nr 8
06.03.10 - Nr 1
03.04.10 - Nr 2
08.05.10 - Nr 3
05.06.10 - Nr 4
03.07.10 - Nr 5
07.08.10 - Nr 6
04.09.10 - Nr 7
02.10.10 - Nr 8
06.11.10 - Nr 1
11.12.10 - Nr 2


Shortcuts from a Mount / Backmount seminar:

All Basics on DVD

Luta Livre Basics DVD

The ALL Basics DVD contains all techniques of the 8 seminars.

Double DVD in german language but explaines itself, 166 minutes, structured in Positions. You can order via Email:


ALL-Basics - The basic program of Andyconda Luta Livre

The ALL Basics has 8 seminar building blocks from which you learn the basic techniques and key positions of fighting.


Key positions, such as the mount, side mount, guard, etc., are the positions that a fighter is trying to work for in order to control the fight.


At first, you will learn important movements that are necessary to secure and stabilize these positions.

Next, we systematically teach you the submission techniques and repeat them in order for you to perfect them.

The escapes and most importantly the counter moves are rounding out the basic Luta Livre program.


These 8 seminars are a requirement for the ILLO / ELLO instructor course.

The seminars are thematically closed. You can jump in the running seminar series at any time, and collect the seminars whenever it fits in your schedule.


If you miss a seminar, you can participate in the next run.


In the international headquarter the seminars take place on the first Saturday of a month.


Exact dates and details you can check in our calendar.


Here are the seminars in a specific order:


1. Sidemount

2. Mount / Backmount

3. Guard

4. Halfguard / Knee on Stomach

5. Bank / Nord Süd

6. Clinch / Takedown

7. Vale Tudo 1 (Stand, Sidemount, Knee on Stomach)

8. Vale Tudo 2 (Mount, Guard, Bank)


The following Video shows how seminars in the Headquarter look like:






ALL-Basics on DVD

Our double DVD ALL-Basics helps the participations to be prepared for the seminars and to remember easily the techniques to repeat in the daily training.


The DVD will be availible in english language soon.


Order the DVD in your next ILLO Academy or contact your national Headquarter.


You can order it per email at info@lutalivre.net