ALL Instructor Programm

The ALL Instructor’s Program is a program created by Andreas Schmidt in order to revive an art whose future was questionable due to political turmoil surrounding the organization of the sport.


After training Luta Livre in Rio De Janeiro for several years, Andreas returned to his home in Germany.


He soon realized there were not enough Luta Livre Black Belts to promote the art.


Many practitioners had abandoned the thoughts of organizing the art and simply joined with the already well organized Brazilian Jiu Jitsu organizations.


Having a great admiration and respect for the sport of Luta Livre, Andreas Schmidt decided to teach others as students and groom instructors to ensure the future of this great art.


To become an ALL Instructor, one must meet the pre requisites for the instructors course by attending all the Basic Seminars and the T-36 Seminar.


After these seminars are completed one will have accumulated over 100 credit hours and have the technical knowledge equivalent to a blue belt.


The instructors course is taught by Andreas Schmidt and includes detailed information concerning the structure of ILLO as well as his unique method of teaching.


Whether you are a first time instructor or a seasoned one, Andreas’ exclusive methods equip you with an understanding of each technique from the inside out.


Not only will you feel successful as an instructor but your students will feel successful and keep coming back for more! After the instructor’s course, you will return to your school as a Blue Belt Level I.


Continuing education opportunities will be offered and must be attended twice a year in order to maintain your ILLO / ELLO Instructor’s license.