ALL-Junior - Special learning program of Andyconda Luta Livre for kids and youngsters

The ALL-Junior of Andyconda Luta Livre is an age based program for kids and adolescents in the academies of the ELLO / ILLO.


Kids from 7 years and elder will learn in our Junior program the basic positions of free ground fighting and grappling. They fight for positions and will get points for dominance over their training partner.


The techniques they learn are how to get and stabilize the positions and how to escape from the bad positions.

As older they get, as more they will learn how to lock the big and strong joints of the body, and how to choke.


In this way the kids learn step by step how to move in a realistic fight, and will develop very good movements and the right coordination. Pulling and pushing the partner all the time means a whole body workout all the time.


Muscular power and endurance will grow and increase and the athlete will get more flexibility.

Kids learn to be responsible for the own action and for the trainings partner. They will get to the border of their own capability and will trust in the learned techniques.


In the warm up at the beginning of each lesson fighting games and specific gymnastics aggravates the effects on the body.


Luta Livre is the ideal martial art for kids to grow up with.


The ELLO /ILLO Academies with specific certified instructors for the ALL-Junior program will be listed at “academies” under “Contact”.