ALL-Ladies - The self defense program of Andyconda Luta Livre for women

The program All-Ladies was developed especially for women, who want to have realistic self defense and a physical training lesson at the same time.


This program is a step by step learning program for the Luta Livre Vale Tudo, which is ideal training for self defense and the development of physical fitness.


The first lessons include punching and kicking routines, as a workout with music.


A special training with pads helps to get a better impact in the combinations of kicks and punches.


Later in the program self defense situation training will be trained as well.


Techniques will be realized against the coach or a few students in protection suits.


The participations will learn how to escape from several difficult positions and will learn how to fight on the ground.


The training will be physically challenging and will show the strength and weakness of the own body.


This helps in a realistic self defense situation to calculate the risk and the own chances to fight back in a realistic way.


The academies of the ELLO / ILLO with instructors, who are certified in the ALL-Ladies program, can be found in our list of academies at “contact”.