Luta Livre Esportiva - The grappling style of Andyconda Luta Livre

Luta Livre Esportiva

Luta Livre Esportiva is the competition version of Andyconda Luta Livre (ALL).


It is easiest to describe as "no Gi submission grappling"; which is very popular these days do to worldwide grappling tournaments such as NAGA and the prestigious Abu Dhabi.


In Luta Livre Esportiva competitions, only grappling techniques are allowed to subdue the opponent.

For this kind of competition, it is important to calmly strategize and execute your moves.

These are skills you will learn with ALL.

It is often compared to a chess match where you try to think several steps ahead of your opponent in order to submit him eventually.


Luta Livre is a sport which takes a high level of concentration while at the same time the body is expending energy in a very athletic event.


Therefore, Luta Livre is an exceptional way to coordinate the mind and body. In our classes, you will also increase overall strength and flexibility, as well as coordination.


At the end of each class, there is about 30 minute window for free rolling where partners try to apply the learned techniques.