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Events of the Andyconda Luta Livre

In this section we want to introduce our different tournaments, labels and camps.



----------------------------- Tournaments ---------------------------------------

SUBBATTLE - step by step routine on the mat!

The SUBBATTLE label is designed for newcomers in submission grappling to get an easy start into competition.


Grappling SUBBATTLES are devided into tournaments or open mat events that take place every 2 months.


Participatiants have minimum 2 fights on a tournament or as much fights as they want on an open mat.


Subbattles offer a lot of experience in competition. Participatiants will be ranked in the Grppling Tournaments.


Soon we will expand the SUBBATTLE label to the MMA sector, to offer a step by step competition learning program.


SUBBATTLE MMA includes different rules for D, C, B and A-class Competitors.


Check the webside www.subbattle.com



Lock And Choke

The Lock and Choke (LAC) is one of germanys oldest and biggest submission wrestling tournaments.

Plesae check the webside: www.lock-and-choke.com



Luta Livre Cup

The Luta Livre Cup (LLC) is the ILLO label for national and international Luta Livre Championchips.


In the future, the ILLO will have State and National competitions as well as a European Championship, North American Championship, and a World Cup.



--------------------------------- Trainingscamps --------------------------------------

ILLO Training Camps are conducted in specially selected academies over several days.


These camps should also be used as a way to get together with other instructors and ILLO members to exchange experiences.


These training camps are specialized courses like Luta Livre Esportiva, Vale Tudo, or MMA for example.


The ILLO also offers a FITALO Program that uses Indian Clubs, Kettlebells, Bulgarian Bags and much more.


Please check our calendar for the next camps. You will get detailed information in the Camp section of the calendar.


 In this video we show some impressions from the Summercamp 2009 in Urnäsch, Swiss.