FITALO ® - Kettlebelltraining and more

FITALO ® - program for functional fitness

In our FITALO Program we offer functional fitness training for grappling and MMA.


We prefer functional equipment, like Kettlebells, Trainingsbags, and Dummys that are used by grapplers and wrestlers since our art was born.


Our program offers fitness for everyone who is interested in functional fitness and who might be sick of all the monotone workout in fitness clubs.


In our video below we present some of the exercises and show you how useful they are for our MMA and Grappling Art.


You can learn this kind of movements for your own functional workout in all our clubs, that are FITALO certified.


FITALO certified Trainers are holding seminars for functional fitness training in the FITALO program all around the world.


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The FITALO training concept offers workshops, seminars and instructor courses for all the functional equipment.


Please feel free to check for further details about our program.


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