Student grades

1. Yellow

2. Orange

3. Blue 1 Stripe

4. Blue 2 Stripes

5. Blue 3 Stripes

Fighter grades (Lutador)

6. Purple 1 stripe

7. Purple 2 stripes

8. Purple 3 stripes

9. Brown 1 stripe

10. Brown 2 stripes

11. Brown 3 stripes

Master grades

Dan 1. Black 1 stripe

Dan 2. Black 2 stripes

Dan 3. Black 3 stripes

Dan 4. Black 4 stripes

Dan 5. Black 5 stripes

Representative grades

Apprentice Instructor, Rot 0

Instructor Level 1, Rot 1

Instructor Level 2, Rot 2

Instructor Level 3, Rot 3

Regional Coach, Rot 4

Headcoach, Rot 5

Graduation and beltranking in Andyconda Luta Livre

ILLO / ELLO Ranking

In the old days of Luta Livre there was only the 4 belt grading system; blue, purple, brown, and black.


When Luta Livre left Rio de Janeiro, the old grading system was updated to fit in today’s fast pace world without sacrificing any quality.


The time frame between grades has been shortened to increase motivation of most students.


It was not uncommon, in the old school, for a student to train two years before promoting to the next grade.


In today’s ranking system, a student that trains as often as possible can reach the next grade within six months.


The belts and grades are presented by Andreas Schmidt or his representatives in authentic Luta Livre tradition.


In Luta Livre the test is focused on how Luta Livre is applied to the opponent in a free fight situation.


We do have cross ranking available for practitioners of other arts.


Each applicant will be graded in the same way everyone else is by free rolling and applying the principles of Luta Livre.


In order to reach the next higher belt, the student has to prove if he or she can dominate their belt class and show the ability to compete in the next higher belt class.


We also take in consideration whether the dominance was because of technique or just physical strength.


If a new belt is awarded at the end of a seminar, it is tradition that the practitioner will be thrown by every participant of the seminar.



Belt or Patch?

The belt is usually worn with the traditional gi pants with the tip of the belt having stripes representing your level.


Since in today’s world board shorts or so called fight shorts have taken over the martial arts world, patches of belt colors are placed on the shorts to represent your grade.


The ILLO / ELLO uses a colored 2 X 4 inch rectangle sewn to the back of the right leg of the student’s shorts.


Every following patch will be put above the previous so that the highest patch always shows the actual grade.


The patches of the Representative or Instructors are sewn at the same legs frontside.


A Prospect Instructor will get a red patch or a red tip of the belt that he is wearing until he passed the instructors exam after about one year of being a Prospect Instructor.