School membership

Luta Livre is easy to apply and integrate into your existing curriculum.


Schools that have focused primarily on stand up arts will especially find it easy to implement Luta Livre into current programs and schedules.


It is a great way to expand what your gym can offer its students and an impressive way to meet the need of today’s MMA interests. Our Luta Livre seminars are designed to teach you how to use and apply Luta Livre.

In our Instructor courses we teach technical, methodical and didactical content.


After successful completion of our ALL-Basic program and the T36 program in our seminars and after the instructor courses you will be authorized to instruct Andyconda Luta Livre in your school and use the logo of the 3 fighting snakes.


You will also have access to discounted rates with our business partners for such items like mats, rushguards, fightshorts, kettlebells, Bulgarian Bags etc.


Please check the details of our Instructor program in our program section on this web site before you contact the ILLO / ELLO Headquarters for further personal mentoring.



Personal membership

If you want to join the ILLO please contact a school in your area.


Our friendly instructors will be happy to answer all your questions.


By joining the school, you will receive your ILLO / ELLO Passport, which helps you to track your seminar activity, graduation and competition results.


Check our contact page for the school closest to you. If there is no Luta Livre school in your area, please contact your National Office and together we will find a solution.