MMa Boxing - The Standup fighting in Andyconda Luta Livre

The MMA Boxing program of Andyconda Luta Livre was created to handle the standup fighting in MMA.


The use of punches and kicks in standup and ground fighting positions is the main focus of the program.

Punches and kicks are sometimes different to boxing or Muay Thai, because there are much more variations allowed in MMA fights.

Punches with forearm, shoulder, elbow or open hand are part of the training and grapping the opponent while punching is also a part of the MMA Boxing game.


Very specific is the ground and pound game. In ground fighting different muscle chains are involved.


In MMA Boxing we use economic fighting positions to fix the opponent on the ground before we use punches.


MMA Boxing means technical training with your partner, training with pads, dummies, heavy bags and sparring by wearing protective gear like boxing gloves, MMA or grappling gloves, mouth guard, groin guard, and protective gear for chin bones, knees and elbows.


The local Andyconda Luta Livre academies that offer the MMA Boxing program are listed in the contact section.