Luta Livre Team successfully at NAGA

2009-12-22 21:14 by Andreas Schmidt

Team Thunder from Oklahoma won Submission Tournament in Dallas, Texas

Luta Livre Team Thunder from Oklahoma and their Naga Tournament Record of 2009 in Dallas, Texas


Colby Fletcher Teenager Division @ 115-129.9 lbs total of 3 Medals in different experience levels


Victor Loyd Adults @ 130-139.9 placed with 5 First place Medals in 3 different experience levels


Ronny Loyd @ 190-199.9 2nd place Beginner


Cory Stevens @ 140-149.9 2nd place Intermediate


Kevin White @ 150-159.9 1st place Intermediate


Jimmie Tucker @ 160-169.9 2nd place Intermediate


Bobb Remming @ 115lbs Kids beginner 2nd Place


Warren Blackburn 40+ Mens @ 180-189.9 1st place Intermediate


Honareble Mentions for competing:

Tanner Garrison, Gary Durrett, TJ Cass and Daniel Frost all these guys were competetive and won matches but failed to place due to the strong competition.


Medal total for 2009 8x1st 5x2nd 1x3rd. Luta Livre Team Thunder competed with 12 competitors in 2009 at Naga events in Dallas Texas and is very proud of the 14 Medals archieved.



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