Luta Livre Seminar USA

2010-01-30 06:38 by Andreas Schmidt

Seminar with Andyconda in Oklahoma

Andreas Andyconda Schmidt is going to hold a two part seminar (two hours grappling / two hours MMA) in the Luta Livre Academy Thunder MMA in Oklahoma on Saturday January 30st, 2010.


A special intrest has ben shown in the Luta Livre Vale Tudo part of the seminar, by several already succsessfully proven professional and amateur fighters.


As usual at the end of the seminar Andreas will rank the participants and has shown so far impressed with the improvements by the Luta Livre practitionars. He is confident that there will be la few bluebelts awarded to those who have been practiced Luta Livre for the last three years.


After three years of successful Luta Livre in the United States we have decided to intensivly promote our martial art and fighting style to achive a broad recognition of Luta Livre on a national level in northern America.


The rest of the week will be used to lay the foundation for our future Andyconda Luta Livre Development Program (ALLDP) that will enable any martial arts school in the world to participate and profit of the already tested and proven ALL concepts.


For your personal situation and information regarding of joining and representing please contact us on: and we will answer your questions.

We will be able to offer you a personaliced program that is designed to fit your requirements.



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