Seminars in Andyconda Luta Livre

The seminars of the ILLO / ELLO as well as the ones representing the ILLO / ELLO are only to be conducted by Andreas Schmidt, AKA Andyconda, or his specifically trained and for seminars certified ALL instructors.


The seminars conducted in the headquarters, in Cologne, Germany, are structured by themes and programs.


They are open to all people of all styles.


Please check our calendars for dates and content of these seminars. The prices of seminars will vary by content and ILLO members will receive a discounted price.


ALL seminars outside of the headquarters have to be planned at least 3 months in advance.


We will apply the method of first come first serve method in scheduling Andreas Schmidt.


Please see calendar for availability first.


Please contact the Luta Livre Headquarter for the seminardetails per Email: