The ILLO / ELLO is represented by its Headcoach, Andreas Schmidt aka "Andyconda".


Under him all representatives of Andyconda Luta Livre are divided into Countries and States.


All Andyconda Luta Livre representatives are direct students of Andreas Schmidt.


The main objective of each representative is to spread and teach Luta Livre in his Country or State by using the tools given to them by the Headquarters of the ILLO / ELLO.


Individual schools and their instructors are all under the representative for their particular area.


The instructor's responsibility is to teach technique and programs which are given to them by the Headquarters.


Andreas Schmidt and the representatives of the ILLO ELLO are ensuring the education of the individual instructors in special Instructor's Courses.


An instructor of the ILLO / ELLO grows with his students and therefore can teach with a Blue Belt.


Every member receives the ILLO / ELLO Passport latest with their first test.


This passport will be used as an official document by Andreas Schmidt, or his representatives, to track seminars, belt promotions, as well as tournaments worldwide.


Each Office has a Representative to link with the other Offices and the Headquaters.