Vale Tudo - The MMA fighting style of Andyconda Luta Livre

Luta Livre Vale Tudo

This version of Luta Livre truly becomes a free fight.


In addition to the grappling component of Luta Livre, you now add strikes, kicks, knees, and elbows.

These components are used to transition to the ground (takedowns) as seen in so many MMA matches.


Luta Livre Vale Tudo is probably the closest art to today's Mixed Martial Arts.


Our experience and research has shown that there is a much higher risk of injury if the fight stays standing up.


This is due to the higher impact standing punches have to your opponent as well as the risk of injury to yourself by delivering your own strikes.


We refer to Luta Livre as economical fighting rather than the wild exchange of punches and kicks.


In addition to this, a smaller opponent can compensate his disadvantages on the ground.


During our Vale Tudo sessions, we train with all the available protective gear in order to work as realistic as possible.