Luta Livre Academy Tulsa, Oklahoma

Instructor / Lehrer

Ty Pilgram, Luta Livre Instructor


Luta Livre Akademy Tulsa, OK, USA

LLA Tulsa
Luta Livre Training in Tulsa

Welcome at the Luta Livre academy Tulsa in Oklahoma!


We offer No Gi Grappling in the style of Luta Livre Esportiva and the complete MMA Package of the Luta Livre Vale Tudo.


Jump in for a training and convince yourself of the dominant Grapplingstyle of Andyconda Luta Livre.



LLA Tulsa
Luta Livre in Tulsa

Lernen Sie die Effektivität des Andyconda Luta Livre kennen.


We offer the following Luta Livre courses:

Luta Livre Esportiva (Grappling)

Luta Livre Vale Tudo (MMA)

Junior Luta Livre

For further Information please visit us at:



Thunder Mixed Martial Arts


304 Eastside Blvd.


Muskogee, OK, 74403


Tel: 001-918-816-9707