T36 Flyer

Flyer T36


T36 Flyer

Flyer T36

Technik36 - Courses 2010



T36 - Grappling 4 Combat

T36 means 36 Techniques.


This program includes the 36 most effective Luta Livre skills for ending a real combat situation by effective chokes or locks on the opponents joints.


It is a special program with a structured gameplan for grappling, MMA and any kind of real combat situations lilke selfdefense.


T36 is a complete program for ground fighting.


The program is teached in our T36-camps.


It contains entrances into the grappling distance against an attacking opponent and adapting techniques to the opponents reactions.


Positiondrills and Escapedrills are bridging the small gap between the combat program and an intensive and complete Drillworkout for the grappling game.


We teach T36 in military and police SWAT teams.


The program is like the ALL-Basics relevant for becoming an Instructor in the ILLO.


T36 is offered in most of our lokal schools and academies.


Please Check our Calendar, where our local T36 camps and workshops are published.


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