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All Basics on DVD

Luta Livre Basics DVD

The DVD contains the techniques of all 8 Basic Seminars

Double DVD, 166 minutes, german language.

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Summercamp 2010

Luta Livre Summercamp in Urnäsch, Swiss will take place from May, 12th to 16th 2010

Special price for signing up until 2010.

Video of the last camp:

International Luta Livre Organization

Luta Livre the brazilian art of fighting

Brazilian Free Fight

Welcome to the official website of the International and European Luta Livre Organization, also known as ILLO / ELLO.


Here you will find information concerning the Brazilian Martial Art called Luta Livre.


Luta Livre is Portuguese meaning free fight. It is no way just a mixture of other martial arts and styles.


Luta Livre is a complete martial art system which was designed in Rio de Janeiro. It is first and foremost a submission grappling style where competitors use joint locks and chokes to submit their opponent.


The stand up component of Luta Livre, witch includes punching and kicking as well as elbow and knee strikes, was developed to complete the art.



The art of Luta Livre enables a competitor to transition from stand up to the ground in an energy efficient and economical method.


Luta Livre is a creation of the 20th Century for the so called Vale Tudo fights in Brazil.


The trademark of Luta Livre is the effective, straight to the point, ground submissions that force the opponent to give up or tap out.


Affiliate schools of the ILLO / ELLO teach the Andyconda Luta Livre, or ALL.


ALL is an innovative style of Luta Livre which itself through a very specific teaching method and structure.


The programs offered in ALL are attainable for everyone.


In ALL, we differentiate Luta Livre Esportiva; the strictly submission component of Luta Livre (no strikes) and Luta Livre Vale Tudo; the no rules barred version including strikes and kicks.